Electronic registration for - INBA Dutch Championships 2021 CANCELLED
21.-22.05.2021, Voorthuizen (Sandra van de Kamp)
International Natural Bodybuilding Association - Netherlands
 Number of categories together - 23 

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– Athletik
– Bodybuilding
– Bodybuilding up to 23 years
– Bodybuilding Masters over 40 years
– Bodybuilding Grand Masters over 50 years
– Classic Physique
– Classic Physique up to 23 years
– Ink /Tattoo
– Physique
– Physique up to 23 years
– Physique Masters over 35 years


– Bodybuilding
– Bikini Diva's
– Bikini Diva's up to 23 years
– Bikini Diva's Masters over 40 years
– Bikini Diva's Grand Masters over 50 years
– Fitness Figure
– Fitness Figure Masters over 40 years
– Angels
– Physique
– Sports Model
– Ink /Tattoo

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– Mixed pairs

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1. During the preparations of this competition, which is organized by the INBA Netherlands, I used only natural nutrition and food supplements. I did not use prohibited medicines, such as anabolic steroides, hormones, diuretics, or other illegal doping accordance with blacklist of WADA (WADA www.wada ­ ama.org). I agree that I will be tested according to the doping control rules with the applicable legal global regulations.
2. I agree that in the case of positive test I will be disqualified from the contest, and lose the right to qualifiy on the future contests, held by the organization (INBA) and I submit myself compensation according to the legal system of the Netherlands. I agree that in the case of positive test, I liable to refund all the costs coupled to the tests in 30 days according to the test price list of the doping control agency from the day of „A” sample or from the day of positive „B” sample. If „B” sample is applying by myself.
3. The competitor declares that with the application for the contest, that he/she is in good physical condition, prepared to the competition, his/her health condition is checked regularly, And he/she is not aware of health problems that obstruct him/her in the competition.
4. I am taking the note of all photos, video recordings dispose (ordered) by the organizer. All the photos, video recordings are under copyright laws, using them is subject to authorization. The organizer should be notified about photographer at the place of the contest.

5. I agrree with the terms and conditions above
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Comment: Should you have any problems with completing the application, please contact the competition organiser or administrator.