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DFNA - INBA & PNBA European Championships
18.-20.10.2024, Værket, Sven Dalsgaards Pl. 1, 8900 Randers|Randers|DK (DFNA)
Danish Federation of Natural Athletes
 Number of categories together - 42 

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– Bodybuilding - Overall winner
– Classic Physique - Overall winner
– Physique - Overall winner
– Bikini Diva's - Overall winner
– Sports Model - Overall winner


– Athletik
– Bodybuilding - Novice
– Bodybuilding - PNBA
– Bodybuilding - Short (up to 172cm)
– Bodybuilding - Medium (172-180cm)
– Bodybuilding - Tall (over 180cm)
– Bodybuilding Junior up to 23 years
– Bodybuilding Masters over 40 years
– Bodybuilding Grand Masters over 50 years
– Bodybuilding Ultra Masters over 60 years
– Classic Physique - Short (up to 176cm)
– Classic Physique - Tall (over 176cm)
– Classic Physique Junior up to 23 years
– Classic Physique Jr. Masters over 35 years
– Classic Physique - PNBA
– Physique - PNBA
– Physique - Short (up to 176cm)
– Physique - Tall (over 176cm)
– Physique Junior
– Physique Jr. Masters over 35 years
– Physically Challenged


– Bodybuilding - Open
– Bikini Diva's over 35 years
– Bikini Diva's over 45 years
– Bikini Diva's - Novice
– Bikini Diva's - Short (up to 165cm)
– Bikini Diva's - Tall (over 165cm)
– Bikini Diva's Junior up to 23 years
– Wellness - Open
– Bodybuilding - PNBA
– Figure over 35 years
– Figure - Open
– Figure - PNBA Open
– Physique - Open
– Physique - PNBA
– Sports Model over 35 years
– Sports Model - Open

Remaining days of registration 183 days!


DFNA - Danish Federation of Natural Athletes - Conditions of participation

I hereby register for the DFNA - INBA / PNBA European Championships

I confirm that I have not violated the DFNA as well as the INBA/PNBA anti-doping rules: (https://naturalbodybuilding.com/banned-substances/)
or taken any substance mentioned on the WADA Prohibited Substance list: (https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/world-anti-doping-code-and-international-standards/prohibited-list#resource-download)

According to an agreement between the INBA and the DFNA, it is considered as important that the
collection and evaluation of urine tests are subject to high quality standards.

For this reason, Global Quality Sports GmbH (https://gqs-antidoping.de/?lang=en) is commissioned to take urine & blood-tests. GQS GmbH is an ISO-certified company based in Stuttgart and Berlin. GQS conducts doping controls in many different sports. Employees of GQS GmbH will take urine samples, and if needed blood-samples from selected athletes during the competition and during the enrollment. Samples are taken in accordance with WADA's international standard for doping testing. The samples are sent to a WADA-certified laboratory in Cologne or Dresden/Kreischa. In addition, athletes may be selected for Polygrah-testing at the competition. 

If an athlete tests positive, DFNA will hand over the case to the respective state president for further handling.

Doping is punishable by law in Denmark. The relevant regulations are regulated in the Act against
Doping in Sport (Anti-Doping Act - Anti-doping Denmark)

I hereby declare that I am of legal age. If I participate under the age of 18, I will send the written declaration of consent of my legal guardians by e-mail to: (kontakt@dfna.dk) within ten days after registration. Otherwise, my registration for the INBA/PNBA European Championships will be cancelled without prior notice.

In accordance with the rules of the INBA – the international partner association of the DFNA – all athletes from European countries are allowed to compete, as soon as they have qualified through a national INBA show.

You will not be allowed to compete if you:
- Have never competed within the INBA 
- Have not previously achieved a top 3 ranking in their previous competition participations with another natural bodybuilding association.

Athletes who have already competed with a federation where no doping controls have been carried out are generally not eligible to compete in the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships, regardless of their ranking.

I confirm that I have read the class and evaluation criteria that are relevant to me and accept them unrestricted (https://naturalbodybuilding.com/categories/) and (https://naturalbodybuilding.eu/2019/09/16/mens-athletic/)

If I have not already done so at the time of registration, I will prove my membership in the DFNA
or a partner association on the day of enrollment.

All outstanding fees will be paid by bank transfer in advance.

Due to the limited number of starting places for the championship, we ask for your understanding that there will be no refund of Entry-fees, if an athlete turns out to be unable to compete after registration/payment. However, upon presentation of a medical certificate certifying that you are unable to participate in the competition for health reasons, you will receive a refund of the invoice amount.

If you have registered for more than one class. you can cancel your start in individual categories and classes when you enroll, but you will not receive a refund of your entry fee. The final classification will take place at the end of the enrollment on-site. It is classified in ascending order according to body size. The final list of starters will be published in the WhatsApp group DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships and on the homepage of DFNA: ( https://dfna.dk)

I confirm that I have read and will follow the information about the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships This also applies to the division of the categories on several days of competition.

I agree that DFNA may store and process my personal data electronically in order to fulfill its tasks.

I give DFNA my consent to the free, temporally, and locally unrestricted storage and use of all film and photo material about me, which is created as part of my participation in the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships. Examples include publication on the club's website, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, competition posters, etc. This also applies to the publication of the starter and results list with my full name on the website. I also agree that the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships will be publicly reported and thus the creation of image and video material of my person in the course of reporting will be accepted.

This consent can be revoked by me at any time with effect for the future, but leads to the exclusion of
participation in future championships of the DFNA.

Furthermore, the data protection guidelines of DFNA. (Data Protection - DFNA - Danish Federation of Natual Athletes will apply.) With my participation I accept all the conditions mentioned.

I accept the Anti-Doping Regulations of the INBA (https://naturalbodybuilding.com/banned-substances/ ) and the WADA List of Prohibited Substances ( ))https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/world-anti-doping-code-and-international-standards/prohibited-list#resource-download)

I am aware that unannounced doping controls and tests can be carried out with my registration, even if I do not yet have an active membership. In the event of a refusal to start by DFNA I am not entitled to any legal claims for damages. Examples include: travel expenses, accommodation costs and tanning costs.

I accept that if the test result is positive, I will automatically lose my membership in the DFNA. and will be banned for life from participating in the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships aswell as another DFNA competitions. In addition, I accept that I must bear the costs of testing and analysis in the event of a positive result.

I accept that DFNA assumes no liability for any personal injury in connection with the preparation for the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships or in direct connection with the competition.

If the DFNA - INBA/PNBA European Championships must be cancelled or postponed due to force majeure, I am not entitled to any damages.

The same applies to short-term, unforeseeable, and unplannable official orders which are issued, for example in connection with a pandemic.
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