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9. European POWERFIT Natural cup
11.05.2024, DK Ržinov|Bratislava|SK (ŠK POWERFIT)
Slovenská asociácia naturálnej kulturistiky
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– Athletik - Open
– Classic Physique
– Natural Bodybuilding bis 175cm
– Natural Bodybuilding über 175cm
– Natural Bodybuilding bis 23 jahre
– Natural Bodybuilding Teen 15-18 jahre
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters - Open
– Sports Model
– Physique bis 182cm
– Physique über 182cm
– Physique Junior bis 23 jahre


– Bikini Mamas
– Bikini Diva's bis 164cm
– Bikini Diva's über 164cm
– Bikini Diva's über 35 jahre
– Bikini Diva's Teen bis 18 jahre
– Bikini Diva's Junior bis 23 jahre
– Fitness Figure - Open
– Physique - Open
– Wellness - Open
– Sports Model über 35 jahre
– Sports Model - Open


– Fitness Kinder 10-12 jahre
– Fitness Kinder 12-14 jahre
– Fitness Kinder 15-20 jahre
– Fitness Kinder 5-8 jahre
– Fitness Kinder 8-10 jahre
– Fitness Kinder - Duo

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1. During my preparation for this competition, organized by INBA GLOBAL, I was using only natural and drug-free nutrition and supplements and I was not taking any drugs, namely anabolic steroids, hormones, diuretics, or any other illegal substances that appear on the official list of forbidden substances issued by the WorldAnti-Doping Agency (hereinafter WADA, www.wada-ama.org). I hereby express my consent to undertake a doping control in compliance with anti-doping rules stipulated on Procedure of Performing Doping Control and Handling of Biologic Samples of Athletes. I agree with all the terms and rules of the competition.

2. I acknowledge and agree that in the event of positive result of my doping control, I shall be disqualified from the competition (which could also be done ex post facto), shall lose the right to participate in any other competitions posted in this system and shall risk other sanctions in accordance with the rules of INBA GLOBAL. I acknowledge and agree that in the event of positive result of my doping control I shall reimburse all costs and expenditures related to doping control according to theofficial price list.

3. I fullyagree with all there presentations I have made above and in witness there of.
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